Optical Care

Our optical care is among the top in the business as well. We can help you with any potential eye diseases like degeneration, and cataracts, that can cause vision problems. We know that your vision is extremely import to you and we will take care of your eyes for you. Eye diseases like muscular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts, can cause major problems.

Our faculty includes highly-trained optometrists who are experienced in the diagnosis and management of any ocular surface diseases.

Primary Eye Care

Our primary eye care includes; the needed treatment, and prevention of conditions and diseases that may affect and potentially threaten a patient’s vision. We will give you a primary eye care exam and then we can identify your visual condition, then we will include glasses and contact lens examination, disease screening, treatment for common eye diseases, and education on risk factors for disease prevention.

Sports Vision Services

We also offer vision for athletes and those who are involved in the world of sports. We know how important hand-eye coordination is and how athletes need reaction times for peripheral awareness. How much success an athlete can have, is often reliant on vision. Sports vision training helps you to make the most of your vision. With detailed assessments and evaluations, our skilled optometrists offer tailored programs to improve visual acuity and sensitivity to give you an edge whenever you compete.

Electrodiagnostic Services

The machines we use can diagnose eye problems that are not able to be diagnosed with other clinical methods. The equipment available for referring doctors includes; a full- eld electroretinogram (ERG), a multifocal electroretinogram (mfERG), a VEP, an EOG, and a PERG for patient testing. We also have a kinetic field machine (Octopus), a high definition OCT, and several color vision tests (D-15, 100 hue).